Spread some positive experience, one tag at a time!

When to map?

Whenever you find yourself in a public place and come across something positive

What to map?

Things that:

  • give you a positive experience
  • give you energy
  • are accessible for everyone
  • make you laugh–out-loud or simply a harder breathing through the nose
  • make you think "Faith in humanity" restored!
  • are the perfect niche for your outdoor activities
  • inspire
  • give you idea’s that could improve other places
  • you would bring your friends, family or crush to

What not to map?

Things that:

  • give you negative experience (we are no complaints-outlet)
  • are commercial and profit oriented (e.g. bars, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.)
  • are not public, such as your house, school or work
* If you post inappropriate, insulting and discriminatory your account will be deleted
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